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The following are actual comments that have been made as a result of my classes and yoga
services. I have not printed the names to protect their privacy. I love to hear the comments!
Keep 'em comin'!

Hatha Yoga Class Comments

I love your yoga class, I am hooked! -DO, Commerce, TX

This is the best $40 I ever spent -LJ, Commerce, TX

Your class has made me 5 years younger. -GL, Greenville, TX

I can touch my toes and my muscles are really toned now! -SC, Commerce, TX

I slept so well after the first class, -Many Students, Commerce, Greenville!

You helped me to reconnect to the middle me! -TH, Commerce, TX

Thai Yoga

I feel so relaxed ... ZZZZZ -MS, Commerce, TX

Bellydance Aerobics

I never knew bellydance could be was such a workout -HD, Greenville, TX