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Yoga Fitness Classes

Sport Yoga is a yoga class that mixes static asanas, dynamic yoga poses and Pilates inspired matwork.
This class will cause you to sweat. Breathing exercises, yoga poses and guided meditation will be
performed in this class.

Yoga Sculpting utilizes Pilates, resistance training and yoga to sculpt and tone the body.

Yoga Classes

Hatha yoga is a class for beginners or those who just wish to slowly and gently receive the benefits of
physical yoga. In this class breathing, asana and guided meditation are performed.

Hatha Yoga for Couples allows couples to practice Hatha Yoga together.

Tantric Hatha Yoga integrates hatha yoga and the mudras, pranayamas and sound meditation of Tantra
Yoga to yield a powerfully healing form of yoga that balances the body, mind and spirit!

Yogic Meditation is a meditation class that allows yoga practitioners to hold basic yoga poses for extended
periods of time as they learn to deeply meditate in each one.

Private Yoga Lessons. Traditionally yoga was taught on a one on one basis. Private Yoga Lessons are a
great way for you to get the attention and instruction that you need to actually intergrate yoga and meditation
into your daily life. During a private yoga lesson, you will recieve hands on instruction on alignment, an
individually designed yoga and/or meditation program, yoga therapy information that will address your
specific health concerns and free membership in my online yoga community.

Bellydance Classes

Ethnic Fusion I will teach women the basics of Ethnic Fusion Bellydance. This style of bellydance is a
mixture of the matrical dances of Spain, North African, India and the Middle East. This class will focus on
solo presentation.
Aerobics Clases

Bellydance Aerobics will teach women to use the matrical dances of Spain, North African, India and the
Middle East to tone and strengthen their minds and bodies.

Mind Body Aerobics (MBA) is a complete mind body workout that unites elements of yoga, martial arts,
modern and ethnic dance. In this class you will develop flexibility, strength, creativity and body awareness.
Mind Body Aerobics is a safe, fun and effective low impact cardiovascular workout.