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Yogic Lifestyle Seminars

Modern Yogi Seminars teach students to live the lifestyle of a 22nd century yogi. In this workshop
students will learn how yoga can bring balance to their lives while on and off of the mat.
Current Topic: How to establish a hatha yoga practice for couples

Other Topics Include:
1) how to become and live the life of a vegetarian
2) how to use yogic mantras, sound meditation & positive affirmations to heal
3) how to establish a personalized hatha yoga practice at home
4) how to use Yogic & Western vibrational healing to balance your mind, body and spirit
5) how couples can use Tantric Yoga to enhance their loving relationships
6) how to begin a basic dhyana (meditation) practice
7) how women can use Tantric Yoga to enhance their loving relationships
8) how to manage stress using yoga
9) how to use simple tools to enhance your meditation practice
10) how to use "chair yoga" to relax and relieve stress at work or at school


Private Consulting helps those individuals who want one-on-one instruction on how to improve their
well being. I offer two types of consultations.

a. Lifestyle and weight management consultations
b. Yogic Lifestyle Consultations (review the list of topics above)