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Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga is based on the teachings of Ayurveda and Theravada Buddhism. It synergizes
rhythmic rocking, ashiatsu, assisted yoga stretches, meditation, reflexology and energy
healing. Thai Yoga is done on a futon or yoga mat with both the giver and reciever fully
dressed. No oils are used. Thai Yoga sessions are 1 hour. To schedule a session, contact

Egyptian Body Wraps

Egyptian Body Wraps contain aloe vera, comfrey, papaya and other healing herbs, nutrients,
enzymes, amino acids, proteins and trace elements. The Egyptian Body Wrap solution utilizes
heat and water to penetrate the skin and administer the healing body wrap solution. Some
clients experience inch loss with this body wrap, however, the main purpose of the wrap is not
to lose inches, but to relax the body, quiet the mind and to nourish the skin, nerves and
muscles. All Egyptian Body Wraps contains complementary reflexology treatment and
warm/cool gel facial mask! Please allow approximately 90 minutes for your entire body wrap
session. To schedule a session, contact Keva.

Personal Training

Personal Training is a wonderful way to reach your personal fitness goals. In my personal
training sessions I incorporate cardiovascular and resistance training with mind/body fitness to
help you to get the results you want.